Making the Most of the Mock Draft Simulator (2024)

The FantasyPros Draft Simulator is the best way to practice for your fantasy football drafts.

Whether your league is Redraft or Dynasty; if your league has keepers or IDPs; or if your draft is a traditional Snake draft vs. Salary Cap, the Draft Simulator can help you practice in a realistic way that will take minutes instead of hours.

The Draft Simulator is jam-packed with features and ways to prepare to dominate your fantasy football league.

Here are a few of the top ways to make the most of the Draft Simulator.

Customizing Your Mock Draft

League Sync

If you haven't already done so, you can sync your fantasy football league with FantasyPros. It's free!

By syncing your league, you can apply your league settings to your mock drafts automatically.

You can also update your mock draft settings manually.

Custom League Settings

Update your mock draft's settings to best reflect your upcoming fantasy football draft. Draft from a specific slot if your draft order is already set, or select at random each time to prepare to draft from every pick.

Making the Most of the Mock Draft Simulator (1)

Be sure to double-check your roster settings, including Flex positions, to have an accurate drafting experience.

If you know how your league prioritizes positions, you can update the Position Values to force the bots to overvalue or undervalue specific positions.

Customize the draft logic used by the bots by updating the Draft Against section.

Making the Most of the Mock Draft Simulator (2)

Draft Intel

Analyze your league's draft history and bring your league mates' drafting tendencies directly into your mock drafts with the use of Draft Intel.

From the Draft Intel page, you can turn any specific patterns you'd like to use in the Draft Simulator on or off, both by individual teams or for an entire league.

Making the Most of the Mock Draft Simulator (3)

Draft Intel will turn a realistic drafting experience into one that feels like you're drafting against your real league mates.

Draft Intel currently supports leagues hosted on Yahoo, ESPN, or Sleeper. Qualifying leagues include full re-draft leagues and re-draft with keeper leagues with at least two years of previous draft history.

Cheat Sheet Creator

Use the Cheat Sheet Creator to create a personalized cheat sheet, complete with rankings, tiers, and player tags & notes.

That cheat sheet can then be easily referenced within the Draft Simulator.

Making the Most of the Mock Draft Simulator (4)

Your custom cheat sheet will factor into the expert suggestions, and will help you quickly analyze players at-a-glance.

Making the Most of the Mock Draft Simulator (5)

Use custom player tags to neatly organize which players you want to target or avoid, or create your own tags for a deeper look at each player.

Making the Most of the Mock Draft Simulator (6)

Inside the Draft Simulator

Pick Predictor

Use the Pick Predictor, which shows the likelihood that a player will be taken before your next pick, to determine which players to target now, and which can wait until later.

In the image below, we see the Pick Predictor at-a-glance show the odds that players will be selected before our next pick. The full Pick Predictor tab can be toggled to show 1, 2, or 3 rounds out. It is currently set to three rounds.

Making the Most of the Mock Draft Simulator (7)

If we’re looking to see how long we can wait on a quarterback, we can see that there’s still a solid chance one of our Tier 1 QBs will be available with our next pick (<50% chance that Allen and Hurts will be selected, each).

If we look a few rounds out however, they’re all but certain to be gone (>90% for each of the Tier 1 QBs). This can help you decide if it’s the right time to take a player, or if it’s worth the risk to wait a little longer.

Draft Strategies

Try out various draft strategies to prepare for any outcome.

Select any of the pre-made draft strategies, such as Zero Running Back, or create your own.

Making the Most of the Mock Draft Simulator (8)

Practice with different strategies in your mocks to see which helps you build the best team.

Editing & Redoing Picks

As you go through your draft, you can start over from previous picks, or edit your opponents’ picks to see how a certain scenario might play out.

If, for example, the bot stole the player you thought you were a lock for and you want to see how the rest of the draft would go with that player, just make a quick swap.

Making the Most of the Mock Draft Simulator (9)

The draft will restart from that point in time as if that pick selection was made in the first place.

This can be done in the Draft Log or in the Draft Board.


Draft Analyzer

Once you complete your draft, you’ll get an instant report card with feedback.

Making the Most of the Mock Draft Simulator (10)

The Draft Analyzer will summarize your mock draft, complete with projected standings, team rankings, and post-draft Insights.

See positional ranks, steals and reaches, and more.

Making the Most of the Mock Draft Simulator (11)

Get feedback on what you did well and where you can improve for your next mock.

Draft Again... And Again... and Again...

The Draft Simulator is available at and within our Draft Wizard mobile apps.

Use the Draft Simulator with Redraft leagues, including with Keepers; with Salary Cap leagues; and with Dynasty leagues, including for Rookie-only drafts.

Draft in just minutes whenever and wherever with the Draft Simulator today!

Mock Draft Now!

Making the Most of the Mock Draft Simulator (2024)
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