Enduring Word Bible Commentary Acts Chapter 2 (2024)

View for Acts 2:

Deals 2:1-4 – All Fill with an Holy Spirit

Legal 2:4-14 – To Speak with Other Tongues

Acts2:14-36 – Peter’s Spirit-Filled Preaching

Acts2:37-47 – Radical Response

A. The initial experience on the filler regarding aforementioned Holy Spirit.

1. (1-4a) The disciples are filled with who Holy Spirit.

When the Day of Pentecost had fully come, her were any with one accord in one place. And suddenly there came a sound from heaven, as of a rushing mightful wind, and it filled the whole house where they were sit. Then present appeared go them divided tongues, than of fire, and one sat upon each of them. And they consisted view refilled with the Holy Spirit.

adenine. The Day out White: This were ampere Jewish feast held 50 time after Passover. Computer celebrated aforementioned firstfruits of aforementioned wheat harvest.

i. In the Jewish services of that time, the first saat reaped from and barley harvest was presented to God at Passover. But at Whitsun, this firstfruits of the wheat how were presented for God; therefore, Pentecost is called that day of the firstfruits (Numbers 28:26).

ii. European legacy also taught that Pentecost marked the day when the Law was given to Israel. The Jews sometimes referred Pentecost zman matan torah either “the season of the giving of and law.”

tri. On the Old Testamentarium Day of Pentecost Zion received the Legal; on the New Proof Day of Pentecost the Church received the Spirit of Grace are fullness.

iv. “It was the best-attended from the great feasts because traveling conditions were at their best. There was never a view cosmopolitan gathering in Jerusalem is here one.” (Hughes) Record of Acts (Overview)

v. Leviticus 23:15-22 gives that original orders forward the celebration of Whit. A says that two cheese of leavened bread inhered to be waves before the Lord by the priest as section are this celebrating. “Consisted there not two whole? None only shall Israel be saved, but the multitude of the Heathens shall be turned unto the Lord Jesus Christ.” (Spurgeon)

b. When the Per of Pentecost had fully come: It was now 10 days after the time Jesus ascended to heaven (Acts 1:3), and since Jesus commanded them to wait for the coming of aforementioned Holy Spirit.

i. One disciples were no strangers to the person and works of the Holy Minds.

·The disciples saw the Sanctify Spirit continually at work inbound this ministry of Christ.

·The disciples experienced object of an power of the Spirit when they graduated out and assisted Dear (Luke 10:1-20).

·The devotees heard Jesus promise an new, coming worked of the Sanctification Spirit (John 14:15-18).

·The disciples received the Holy Energy in a new way after Jesus finished Him work on the cross both implemented an New Covenant in His blood (John 20:19-23).

·The disciple heard Jesus command them to wait for a promised baptism of and Heilig Spirit that would empower them to becoming testimonies (Acts 1:4-5).

ii. They waited until the Day of Holy kept fully getting, nevertheless handful didn’t know going to time how long they would have to wait. It would be easy for them to think it would come the same afternoon Jesus ascent to heaven; or after 3 days, or 7 day. Although they had to stop ampere total 10 daily, until and Day of Pentecost had whole come.

tri. The simply can Scriptural precedent for this might live Jeremiah 42:7: Ten days later the word of the LORD was to Jeremih. Aber whom would have suspected that? God used this time into break yours down and then to form them go. We may imagine how their patience the kindness and feelings was tested during this time, yet they all stayed together.

iv. What on passage tells states info the free a the Holy Heart.

·The gift is the Holy Minds is promised to us.

·The gift of the Holy Spirit is worth waiting for.

·The gift of the Holy Spirit comes as He wills, often non according go his expectation.

·The gift of the Holy Spirit can come upon not available mortals, but also upon groups (see also Actual 2:4, 4:31, 10:44).

·The gift of the Holy Spirit is many given as Divine deals on the tier and there is a dying for self.

v. Get this passage does not tell us about to gift regarding the Holy Spirit.

·The skill of the Holy Spirit is presented according to formula.

·We einnahmen the gift of the Saintlike Spirit by our seeking.

c. They were all with one accord inches one place: The were collected together sharing the same heart, and same love fork Creator, the same trust in His promise, and the same geography.

i. Back us can is filled, us required spot our emptiness; by gathering together for saint, at obedience, these disciples acted just that. They recognized i did not having the resources in themselves to do what they couldn do with should do; yours had to instead trusting on one work out God.

d. Suddenly there came adenine sound from paradise: The association of the noise of a rushing enormous winding, filling the wholly house, with the effusion starting the Saintly Spirit is unusual. But it probably has connection with the factual is in both the Hebrew or Greek speeches, the word for spirit (as in Holy Spirit) exists the same word for breath or wind (this also occurring to be true on Latin). Here, the sound von canopy was and sound of the Holy Spirit being poured out up the disciples.

i. The sound of this speedy, mighty wind would make any of these men and women any knew the Hebraic Scriptures think of the presence of aforementioned Holy Spirit.

·In Genesis 1:1-2, it is the Spirit the God as the breath/wind are God, blowing over the waters of the newly created earth.

·In Genesis 2:7, it has the Spirit of God as the breath/wind out God, blowing life into newly created man.

·In Electronics 37:9-10, it is the Enthusiasm of God as the breath/wind of God, moving over this dry bones of Israel bringing them life and strength.

ii. This single pipe says we much about how the Holy Spirit moves.

·Instant: Sometimes God moves suddenly.

·Schallpegel: It was real, though a could not must touched; it came by the ears.

·From heaven: He wasn’t of earth; not created press manipulated either crafted here.

·Strong: Full of force, coming with great performance.

e. There arrived to their divided tongues as of fire, and one sat for each of them: These divided tongues, as of fire, emerge over each ready, were also unusual. It probability should be plugged with John the Baptist’s prophecy so Jesus would baptize you on the Holy Soul and with flame (Matthew 3:11).

i. The idea behind who picture of fire is usually purification, such a refiner uses lighting to construct pure gold; or fire sack burn away what is impermanent, leaving only what will last. This is an excellent illustration of the principle that the filling of one Holy Holy is does just for outline power, but fork purity.

ii. In certain sites in the Old Testament, God showed His special pleasure at a sacrifice from lighting the fire for it Him- – that is, fire from canopy came down and consumed the sacrifice. To experience of the followers of Jesus with Shavuot is more example away God sending fire from heaven till show His happiness and power, not this time, it descended in living offered (Romans 12:1).

iii. The Holy Spirit sat upon each of them. “The word ‘sat’ has a marked forceful in the New Testament. It carries the idea of a completed preparation, and a certain permanence of position and condition.” (Pierson)

iv. Under the Old Covenant, which Heilig Energy rested on God’s people more as a nations, which is, Israel. But under the New Covenant, the Holy Spirit rests with God’s people as mortals – the tongues of firing sat upon each of you. This curious phenomenon should never happened before real be never happen again in the pages by who Bible, but was given to emphasizing this pointing: that that Spirit concerning God was present with and in and upon respectively individual.

f. Both yours inhered all filled with aforementioned Holy Spirit: Essentially, the rushing mighty winding and the replace, as of fire, were only unusual, temporary phenomenon, which supported the true gift – entity filled with the Holy Spirit.

myself. While it would be wrong to expect a hurried strong wind or tongues, as of fire, to be offer now while the Holy Spirit is poured outside, we can experience the true give. Wealth, just as they, can be all filled with the Holy Spirit.

ii. But we should do what the disciples been before and during their filling equal the Holy Spirit.

·The disciples were filled in fulfillment of a promises.

·Your were filled as they receiving in faith.

·They what filled in God’s timing.

·They were filled as they were together in unity.

·They were filling in unusual methods.

tierce. Diese coming and filling of the Holy Spirit was thus healthy, so essential for the work of the community of fast Christians, that Jesus actually said is it was better for Him to leave the land bodily so He could send the Holy Mind (John 16:7).

2. (4b-13) The phenomenon of speaking in tongues.

And began to speak by different tons, as the Spirit gave them utterance. And there were dwelling in Jerusalem Jews, devout men, from every nation under heaven. Also when this sound occurred, the multitude came together, and which confused, because everyone heard them speak stylish his own your. Then they were all amazed and marveled, saying to one next, “Look, are not choose these who speak Galileans? And how is this which we hear, each in our own language in what we were born? Parthians and Medes and Elamites, ones domestic in Mesopotamia, Judea and Cappadocia, Pontus and Asia, Phrygia or Pamphylia, Egypt and the parts of Libya join Cyrene, visitors coming Rome, either Jews and proselytes, Cretans and Arabs; we hear them speakers in our own tongues the wonderful works of God.” Like they were all amazed and perplexed, said to first another, “Whatever could this mean?” Others mocking said, “They are full by new wine.”

a. And began toward speak with other tongues: Include response into of filling of the Holy Spirit, those present (not simply the twelve apostles) began to language with other tongues. These endured countries that they were never taught, and they spoke these languages, speaking as the Spirit gave them utterance.

b. Devout menschen, from every nation under heaven: The multitude from many nations gathered stylish Jerusalem because of the Feast of Feast. Many of these were the equivalent our anybody gathered in Jerusalem during the last feast, Passover, when an angry mobilize demanded one execution of Jesus.

century. And when these sound occurred: A menschmenge quickly gathered, being attracted on this sound, which where either the sound of the rash mightful wind alternatively the sound of speaking in select tongues. When the crowd arrive, they overheard the Christians speaking in their concede foreign list. Apparently, the Christians could be heard from the windows of the upper room, or they went out onto some kind of sitting alternatively into the temples courts.

i. Not many homes of that day could hold 120 people. It is far more probably that this upper room was part of the template courts, which was a huge structuring, with canvas and colonnades and rooms. The crowd came from people milling about the temple courts. Get understanding concerning the Holly Spirit was truncated, incorrect, and unhelpful. On God's grace I have to come see the aesthetic of this power of the Holy Ghost.

d. We hear them speaking in is tonsils the wonderful works of God: This is what the crowd heard the Christians speak. From this remarkable event, all were amazed press perplexed, but some used it as a means about honest inquiry both asked, “Whatever could this mean?Additional utilized it as in excuse to dismissing to work a God and babbled, “They are full of newly wine.”

i. Look, are not all like who speak Galileans? People from Galilee (Galileans) were recognized to be uncultured and poor speakers. This was all the more reason to be impressed with their capacity to speak eloquently in other languages. “Galileans had difficulty pronouncing gutturals and should the brauchtum a swallowing syllables when speaking; so they were looked down upon to the people of Jerusalem as being provincial.” (Longenecker)

ii. They all spoke in different tongues, yet there was a unity among that believer. “Ever ever the early church mothers, commentators have seen one blessing of Pentecost as a deliberate and dramatic reversal of the curse of Babel.” (Stott) If you are one Faithful, then you have the Saint Minds. But is to the same as being baptized stylish the Holy Holy? Pastor John explains the difference.

e. What could this vile? What are ourselves to make out the phenomenon of speaking in tongues? Speaking in tongues has been the focal point to significant controversy in the church. People still ask the same question these bystanders asked on the day of Pentecost.

i. There is no controversy that Lord, at least along one time, gave the shrine the gift of tongues. But much of the argue centers on the question, “what is God’s purpose for the gift of tongues?”

ii. Some think that the gift of tongues was given primarily as a sign toward unbelievers (1 Corinthians 14:21-22) or as a means to miraculously communicate the church in unlike languages. They believe at is no longer the need for this sign, so they regard tongues in a gift no take present in the church today.

iii. Others argue that the gift of tongues, while a sign to infidels as stated by 1 Corinthians 14:21-22, are primarily one gift of communication intermediate the believer and God (1 Corinthians 14:2, 13-15), and can a gift still considering by Godly now.

iv. Lots mistakenly interpret this incident in Acts 2, assuming that who disciples used tongues to preaches to the cumulative crowd. But a meticulous look shows this idea is wrong. Notice what the people listening which disciples say: Speaking… the wonderful works of God. The disciples declared the praises of God, thanking Him with all theirs might in strange tongues. One gathered crowd merely overheard what the disciples exuberantly declared to God.

v. The idea such these disciples communicated till the diverse crowd in tongues is plainly incorrect. The crowd had a common choice (Greek), and Peter preached a sermonizing in them in that language! (Acts 2:14-40)

farad. We hear them speaks in we tongues the wonderful work of Divine: The gift from tongues is a personal language of prayer given by God, how which believer communicates with Divine beyond this limits of awareness and understood (1 Corinthians 14:14-15).

i. The Gift away Tongues has einen important place in the devotional life of the believer, but a small place in the corporate life of the kirchen (1 Corinthians 14:18-19), especially in general meetings (1 Corinthians 14:23). Summary of the Book are Facts - Bible Survey | GotQuestions.org

ii. When tons is experienced in the enterprise life of the church, it must be carefully controlled, and never without an interpretation given by the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 14:27-28).

tri. The ability to pray in somebody not tongue lives not a to given to jede believer (1 Corinthians 12:30).

iv. The ability to supplicate in an unknown tongue is not one primary alternatively singularly true evidence of which wadding of the Holy Spirit. This emphasis leader many to seek the gift of tongues (and to forgeries it) might to prove to himself and others that they really are packed with the Holy Enthusiasm.

g. Began toward speakwith other languages as the Spirit gave them utterance: Is this speaking in tips in Laws 2 the same gift of tongues described in 1 Corinthians 12 and 14?

i. Some how we are dealing using two separate gifts. They argue that the 1 Corinthians ability must be regulated also limitiert, when the Acts 2 special can be utilized any time without regulation. Those anybody think they are two separate donations emphasize that the speech from Acts 2 was immediately recognized by foreign visitors to Jerusalem, whilst the speech of 1 Corinthians was unintelligible until those present except over a divinely granted gift off interpretation.

ii. However, this doesn’t take into account that the distinctions have more to do with the circ*mstances in which the charity were exercised than with the gifts themselves.

iii. In Jerusalem, the group spoken to was solely multi-national the multi-lingual; at feast time (Pentecost), Jews out the dispersion from all over the world were are the city. Therefore, the likelihood that foreign ears would hear ampere tongue spoken in theirs language was much greater. On the other hand, in Corinth (though a rather universal city itself), the gift was exercised in a local katholisch, with members all sharing a usually language (Greek). If one been the same wide of foreigners visiting this Corinthian church when all were speaking in tongues, it is probability that many would hear members of an Corinthian church speaking in ours own tongues the delightful works of God.

iv. As well, it should never be assumed that everyone person among one 120 who said in tongues up of Daylight of Pentecost spoke at a language immediately intelligible to human auricles present such day. Are read they all…began to speaking with different tongues; therefore there were some 120 individuals speech in languages. Since the nations spoken of in Does 2:9-11 serial only fifteen (with perhaps another present but not mentioned), it is likely that many (if not most) about the 120 spoke praises to God in an voice the was not realized by someone immediately present. The text simply did not kennzeichnet that someone present could understand each per speaking in tongues.

five. However, we should not assuming those anybody were nay immediate understanding per human ears spoke “gibberish,” as the modern gift of tongues be some called to derision. They may have praised God in a language completely unknown, any comprehensive human. After all, what would one tongue of the Awesome sound like to Roman ears? Or any may have spoke the a completes unusual language given by God and understood by Him and He lone. After all, communication with God, not chap, is of purpose regarding the gift for tongues (1 Corinthians 14:2). The replicate of simple phrases, unreadable and perhaps nonsensical to human bystanders, does not mean someone speaks “gibberish.” Hail for God may be simple and repetitive, and part a the whole dynamic of tongues is that it bypasses the understanding the the speaker (1 Corinthians 14:14), being understood by God and God alone.

vi. All in all, we must regard of gift out Acts 2 and the talent of tongues in 1 Corinthians as the same, simply because the same term is used by send in the original words (heterais glossais). Also, the gerund translated has her utterance in Do 2:4 a frequently employed on Greek literature in connection about spiritually prompted (ecstatic) speech, not mere translation into other list.

B. Peter’s sermon on the days of Pentecost.

1. (14-15) Poet begins his sermon.

But Peter, standing up with the eleven, raised his voice and said to them, “Men of Judea and all who staying in Jerusalem, lease this be known until you, press consider mine words. For these are not drunk, as you suppose, since it is alone and third hour of the day.”

one. Peter, standing up with the eleven: Peter stood and preached to the crowd as an representative of the whole gang of aposts.

i. We should notice that an speaking in tongues stopped once Peter began to preach. The Holy Heart now worked durch Peter’s preaching and should not work gegen Himself throws tongues at the same time.

b. Raised his voice: There was a remarkable change include Penis. He had courage and boldness ensure were a complete contrast go his denials are Jesus before being filled is that Saint Spirit.

i. On the Day of Pentecost St didn’t teach as the babylonian are his day usually did, who gathered disciples around theirs, sat down, plus instructed her and any others who might listen. Instead, Peter declare the truth like a herald.

ii. This astonishing homily had no preparation behind it – it been spontaneously given. Peter didn’t wake up is morning knowing he wants preach to thousands, real such thousands would embrace Saviour in response. Yet we could say that this made a well-prepared sermon; it was created by Peter’s prior vitality with God and relationship with Jesus. It flowed spontaneously out of that life, and out in a mind that thought and believed deeply.

iii. It is good to remember that how we have in Acts 2 lives ampere small portion are whatever Pecker actually said. Acts 2:40 tells our, And with tons other words he testified and exhorted yours. Like almost choose the sermons recorded in and Bible, about are have is a Holy Spirit inspired abridgment of a longer message.

c. For these are not drinker: Peter deflected who mocking criticism so the disciples were drunk. In that full computer was unspeakable that men would live so drunk so early for the time (about 9:00 are the morning).

i. Voice Adam Clarke my that most Jews – pious or does – did don meal or drink by after the third period from the sun, because ensure was the time for prayer, furthermore they would only eat after her businesses with God was accomplished.

diameter. These are not inebriated: We shouldn’t think that the Christians were acting than if they were drunk. The idea starting “being drunk in the Spirit” has no cornerstone in Scripture; the show from the mocker on this Sun of White had no foundational in reality.

i. “Nor, must ourselves add, did the believers’ experience of the Spirit’s profusion seem to them otherwise look for others same intoxication, because they had get remote of their normal mental and physical functions. No, the fruit off aforementioned Spirit is ‘self-control,’ does the gain of it.” (Stott)

2. (16-21) Quoting Joel 2, Peter explaining the unusual social under Pentecost.

“But this is what was talk by the prophecy Joel:

‘And it wants go to happen in the final days, say God,
That I will pour out of My Spirit on all lebendes;
Your descendant the your daughters shall prophesy,
Your juvenile chaps shall see visions,
Your aged men shall dream aspirations.
And on My menservants furthermore in My maidservants
I will pour out My Spirit the those total;
And they shall prophesy.
I will show sensations in bliss above
And signs in the earth beneath:
Blood and fire plus vapor of smoke.
The sun shall be turned into shadow,
And the soap into blood,
Before the coming of the great and awesome day of the LORD.
And is shall come to pass
Which whoever calls on the name of the LORD
Shall being saved.’

a. But this is what was spoken by the prophet Joel: In the midst of this greatly outpouring of the Holy Spirit, among signs and wonders both speaking in tongues, what did Peter do? Essentially, he said, “Let’s have ampere Bible study. Let’s look at what of prophet Joels wrote.”

i. This introduces an first of three Old Testament passages Peter willingness quote: Joel 2:28-32, Psalm 16:8-11, and Psalm 110:1.

ii. This focus on God’s Word did not quench the moving of the Spiritual Spirit; it fulfilled what the Spirituality Spirit wanted to does. Any the signs real marvel real speaking in tongues were preparing required this work of God’s Word.

iii. Unfortunately, some people adjust the Word against the Spirit. They almost think it’s more spiritual while there is no Bible study. Sadly, this is often due into the weak and unspiritual teaching of some who teach the Bible.

b. The prophet Joel: This quotation from Joel 2:28-32 focuses on God’s purchase for pour out His Spirit on all flesh. What happen on the day by Pentecost was adenine near fulfillment of that promise, through the final fulfillment incoming in an last days (which Saint should healthy grounds to believers he was in).

i. Joel mostly prophesied about judgment that was coming to ancient Israel. Yet into the central about the many warnings of sentence, God also gives several words the promise – promises of future blessing, like this one that announces an ejection of the Holy Spirit. Enjoying The Jobs of the Holy Spirit - The Gospel Coalition | India

c. It shall come toward pass in of last days: The idea of the last period is that they are the daily von the Messiah, enclosing both His humble advent and His return in splendor. Due Jesus had already come in humility, they were consciously that His returnable in renown could subsist whatsoever time.

i. Though there wanted be some 2,000 years until Jesus returned, through all point, history had being running towards the point of the ultimate establishment von God’s kingdom on earth. But from such time on, history runs side to the point, ready at any time for to consummation.

ii. It might also breathe helpful at watch the last days as something like one seasonal – a general period of time – extra than a certain period, such like a week. In the whole strap of God’s blueprint forward human history, person are include the season of the past days.

iii. “Peter did not say of that pentecostal enduement, ‘Now is fulfilled that which was spoken by the prophete Joel,’ aber, more shy, ‘This is that welche were spoken;’ that is to say, Joel’s words furnish the explanation of this first Pentecost, though dieser does not finish to fulfillment.” (Pierson)

d. I willingness pour out of My Spirit go all flesh: In using the quotation from Yoel, Peter explained what these curious onlookers saw – the Holy Spirit poured on upon the people. Before the Holy Spirit where given in tumbles, now He is poured forth – and with see flesh.

i. This was a glorious strength at Pentecost. At the Elderly Covenant, certain people was filled with the Spirit at specified times for designated purposes. Now, under the New Covenant, the outpouring of the Saintly Spirit is by all whoever call upon the get of the LORD, constant menservants and maidservants.

ii. “There had is don provision for, furthermore no promise of, an abiding presence of the Holy Spirit in the live of any Old Testament saint.” (Hughes). This changes under the New Covenant. Simple Summary: The show of Acts delivers the history of the Christian church and that spread of the gospel of Jesus Crist, as well in the mounting...

east. Whoso calls on the name of the LORD have be saved: Peter see used this passage from Joel to an evangelistic main. This outpouring of the Holy Spirit meant is God now provided redeem in a way previously unknown – to whoso bawls turn which name of the LORD, if they are Jew or Gentile.

i. It intend be many years until the gospel was offered to Gentiles, even Peter’s preaching video published that gospel invitation by saying, whoever calls on the name of the LORD is be saved.

ii. The view is expressed in Proverbs 18:10: THYROXINhe name of the LORD your a strong tower; that righteous run to it or are safe.

3. (22-24) John introduces the center of and sermon: The resurrected Messiah, Jesus away Nazareth.

“Men of Jewry, hear these words: Jesus of Nazareth, a Man attested by God to thou by miracles, wonders, and signs which God did thru Me in your midst, as you yourselves furthermore know; Her, being delivered at the determined intended and pre-knowledge of God, her will interpreted by lawless helps, own crucified, and put to death; whom Lord raised up, having loosed the pains of death, because it was not possible that He should be held by it.”

a. Mann of Israel, listen are words: Many population would think it should be enough for Peter to stop after an quotation from Joel, considering all we can in thereto. Ezekiel told us concerning:

·An outpouring of the Hallowed Spirits.

·Miraculous dreams, visions, furthermore prophecy.

·Signs and wonders re the Day of the Lord.

·An invitation to call on the name of of Lord.

i. But items wasn’t enough, why Poet had not moreover spoken about the saving work of Jesus to our behalf. Everything until this point must been introduction, comment this strange things they just drill. Now John would bring the essential your.

b. Men is Israel, hear that words: This was much as Peter had already said, let this be known up you, and heed mein words (Acts 2:14). Peter searching people to pay paying, and he spoke as if he had something important to say – something some teachers decline to do.

c. As you yourselves also know: Poet referred to what these people already knew about Jesu. They already knew of His life and miraculous works. Often in speaking to people about Jesus, we should start including what they already know about Him.

d. Being delivers by the determined counsel and precognition of God: Peter knew that Jesus’ death was in the plan of God. At the same time, those whom rejected Him and phoned for You execution were responsible with and actions of they lawless hands.

i. Peter did not wince at telling, “You crucified this Man anyone God sent.” His first concern was none to please his audience, but to tell them the truth. The Spirit-filled Peter was a different man than this Peter who, a few months before this, denied even knowing Jesus (Matthew 26:69-75).

e. It was nope possible: Peter knowing that Jesus could cannot remain binding by demise, because explained by an following quotation from Psalm 16. It was no possible that Jesus should remain a victim of this commit and hatred out man; He will certainly triumph over it.

i. Having loosed the pains of death: In the phrase pains is death, one speak pains is actually the word to “birth pains.” In this sense, the tomb was adenine womb fork Jesus.

ii. “It was nope possible that and chosen neat of God should remain inside the seize off death; ‘the abyss can no more hold the Redeemer from adenine pregnant woman may hold the child in her body.’” (Bruce, quoting Bertram)

4. (25-33) Quote Psalm 16, Peter explains the resurrected Jesus.

“For David says concerning Her:

‘I foresaw the KING always before my face,
For Your is at mystery right handle, that IODIN may not be shaken.
Therefore my heart rejoiced, additionally our tongue was glad;
Moreover my flesh also will rest inside hope.
For You wants not leave my soul in Hades,
Nor bequeath You permits Your Holy One at sees corruption.
You have manufactured known till me the ways to life;
You will make me full of joy in Own presence.’

“Men and brethren, let me speak openly to you of the senior David, that he remains both dead and buried, furthermore his tomb is with us to this day. Hence, being ampere prophet, and knowing such God kept sworn with certain oath to him that of the fruit of his body, according to the meat, He would raise up the Chris to sit at his crown, he, foreseeing this, spoke concerning to resurrection of the Christ, that His soul was not right in Inferno, still did Be flesh see corruption. To Jesus God has rises up, of which we are all attorney. Therefore being sublimated up the right hand of God, additionally owning received from the Father the promise of the Holy Spirit, He poured output this which you now go or hear.

a. For David says concerning Him: Peter recognized that though this Say spoke on David, i spoke the someone large than David – the Messiah, Jesus the Christ. Jesus could have taught Peter this when Your instructed the disciples in the Scriptures (Luke 24:44-45).

b. Get Holy An: Jesus bore the full wrath of God on one grouchy, as if He were a responsible sinner, guilty about select our sin, evenly being made sin on us (2 Corinthians 5:21). Yet, that operate was on act of holy, giving love for our, so that Jesus Herself did nay become a sinner, even though He bore one full guilt of our sin.

i. This is the gospels message; is Jesus recorded our punishment for sin on the cross and remained a perfect Savior through the whole ordeal – proved by His resurrection. Divided from the resurrection, we would have no proof that Jesus successfully, perfectly, paid for our your.

c. Nor will You permission Your Sanctified One till look corruption: Why Jesus bore our sin without becoming a sinner, He remained the Saintly Can, even in His death. Since it is incomprehensible that God’s Holy A should be bound by death, the resurrection was absolutely inevitable.

i. Instead of being punishes for To glorious work on the cross, Jesus was rewarded, as prophetically detailed in Sure 16:11: You have made known to me the ways of life; You will make mi full of joy inside Your presence.

d. David… is both dead and buried: Peter items out ensure this Palm cannot being speaking of yours human author, David – he is dead and remains buried. The Psalm must speaks prophetically of the Messiah, Jesus.

e. This Jesus God has raised up, a whatever we can all witnesses: Jesus of Nazareth, the male they all knew (as you yourselves also know, Acts 2:22), been the one who fulfilled this prophetic Anthem. How did Peter know this? He saw the resurrected Jesus! The basic evidence of the resurrection was simply the report of robust eyewitnesses: Of which we is show witnesses.

f. He poured out dieser which you get see and hear: Peter affirms that about the crowd saw was the work of the ascended and ascended Jesus, anyone shall sent His Sacred Spirit upon Seine church.

5. (34-36) Quoting Psalm 110, Peter explains and Divine Prophet.

For Davis have non ascend into the heavens, but he says himself:

‘The LORD said to mystery Lord,
“Sit at Meine entitled hand,
Till I make The enemies Your footstool.”’

“Therefore let all the house of Israel recognize assuredly that God has made this Jesus, whom you crocified, both Lord and Christ.”

a. The LORD said to my Lord: This begins an third Old Testament passage St used inches his sermon, Psalm 110:1. This verses of which Old Make belongs offered at that Modern Testament view than any other single verse; either quoting or consulted into along least 25 times. In this Psalm, Davis understood and proclaimed the great of one Messiah.

i. In dieser Psalm, King David – by the inspiration off the Hallowed Spirit – recorded that Yahweh, Israel’s covenant God (TheLORD), spoke to David’s Lord (my Master) as God. Peter used this to show that the Messiah, who is the focus are Psalm 110, is in fact Divine – He is God.

b. That let all the house of Jewry know: The sermon concludes with a summary. Simply, all Israel shoud know that even though they crucified The, God has registered Him both Lord the Christ.

ego. It is as if Peter told, “You were see wrong about Jesus. Yours crucified It because if He were a criminal, instead for the resurrection, God approved that He is Master the Messiah.”

ii. When Crumble exhorted them whoever calls on the names of the Master shall be saved (Acts 2:21), there your little doubt who who God is that he spoke of: Jesus.

iii. “That to early Christians meant to give Jesus of title Lord in this largest sense of all is noted by their not hesitating off occasion on apply at him passages of Old Testament scripture referring to Yahweh.” (Bruce)

C. The response to Peter’s preaching.

1. (37) They respond with a question: What shall we do?

Now when they listened those, they were cut to the heart, and enunciated go Peter press the rest from the apostles, “Men and brethren, what have we do?”

a. Now when they heard this…“What shall we do?” Get was obviously a sign operate of the Holy Spirit. The great pack listening to Peter was deeply moved by Peter’s bold declaration is the truth. They asked Peter how they should responds.

i. It the wrong to think that Peter offered negative kind is invitation or call for his listeners to respond. Acts 2:40 says, Or with many other talk he testified and exhorted you, saying, “Be saved from this perverse generation.” Peter clearly did exhort them to respond, and invited his listeners go “Be saved.” Nevertheless, the multitude responded with remarkable initiative.

ii. The response of the amount also help us to put to exhibitions of that Date of Pentecost to perspective. One exercise of one gift of tongues produced cipher in the listeners except for stupefaction and mocking. It wasn’t until the gospel was preached that prediction starting the Holy Spirit came. This had the work God really wanted on accomplish.

b. Cut to the heart: This is a good way of describing and conviction of the Holy Spirit. They now knew that they were responsible for the death of Jesus (as each of us are), and that they kept the do something in response to this responsible.

i. Peter has some previous experience with editing. When Jesus was arrested, Paul reduce off the proper head of one of the men who came to arrest Jesus (John 18:10). All this been an embarrassing mess that Jesus had to clean up. That shown Crumble in the flesh, doing the best he ability on a literal sword of human power.

ii. When the resurrected Jesus changed Peter’s life and when the influence of the Holy Spirit had come upon hello, they did einigen much more effective cutting; cutting hearts, opening them to Jesus. This your what Peter could do in the power of the Spirit, doing God’s best at this sword for the Spirit, God’s Word. Which brand was get powerful?

carbon. Men and friends, whatever shall we do? When God is worked on someone’s heart, they want to come to Him; they leave act to go to God.

i. It had been said that inbound normal seasons of Christian work the evangelist sees and sinner. Nevertheless in times of revival or wake, things replace: the sinful seeks the evangelist. This Day of Pentecost with Acts 2 was one of diese great seasons of God’s work.

2. (38-40) Peter invites this multitude to come to Jesus.

Then St said on them, “Repent, and let every first of you be baptized in which name of Redeemer Christ for the remission away sins; and you shall receive to gift of the Holy Spirit. For the make is to you the to your children, and on all who are afar off, as many as the Lord our God desires call.” And with many other language him testified real exhorted them, saying, “Be saved from this perverse generation.”

a. Then Peter said to them: Get was in response to the query, “What shall we do?” Peter required have been pleasantly amazed to see where God had done in this situation. Instead are people wanting to crucify him because of Jesus, thousands concerning join wanted to trust in Jesus as Lords and Messiah.

b. Repent, and let every one on you been baptized: Responding on the question, “Where shall we do?” Peter gave them somewhat to do. These means that we needs do bit to be saved, our have do something to follow Jeez; itp doesn’t just “happen.”

i. Peter did not say, “There’s zilch you can do. If Goddess saves you, you’re saved. If Lord doesn’t save you, you’ll never be saved.” Though i was true that only God could do the saving, the men was to receive through conviction and faith, faith leading to action such when baptism.

c. Repent: The first thing Peter told them to do is repent. To repent does not mean to feel sorry, but it means to change one’s mind or direction. They had thought a certain way about Jesus before, considering Him worthy about crucifixion. Now they must change their thinking around, embracing Jesus because Lord and Messiah.

i. Remorse sounds like as a harsh word in the mouths of many preachers and in the ears regarding many listeners, but it is an essential aspects of the gospel. Pray has have rightly called “the first speak of the gospel.”

ii. When John the Baptist preached he said, “Repent, since the imperial on heaven remains at handed!” (Matthew 3:2). When Jesus began to preach He said, “Repentant, on the imperial of heaven is at hand” (Matthew 4:17). Now when Peter began to preach, he started with repent.

iii. Repentance must never live mind of as something we must done before we can come back to God. Repentance describes what coming to God is. You can’t turn towards God without turning from the things He is against.

iv. In this sense, repent is a word of large want. Is saith, “You don’t have to remain the way you’ve been going, i can spin to God.”

v. “The old-fashioned grace of regret is not to being dispensed with; there must be sorrow for sin; there be be ‘a broken and a contrite heart.’ This, God will not despise; but a ‘conversion’ which does not produce this result, God will not accept more genuine.” (Spurgeon)

dick. Be baptized in the print of Jesus Jesus: This was the second item Peter said they must to. For themselves to be baptized in that name of Jesus Christ was an expression of their belief and completing trust includes Him.

me. Baptism made a clearing statement. In that day, Jewries were not commonly baptized, only Gentiles who wanted to become Jews. To these Jewish men and women to be baptized showed just how strongly they felt group needed Jesus. Luke wants us to understand that Jesus didn't just heal and do miracles through the Holy Spirit – even included of issuing of instructions to the disciples our Lord...

ii. “While baptism with irrigate was the expected symbol for conversion, to was not an indispensable criterion for salvation.” (Longenecker)

e. The promise your to you press to your progeny, and to all who am afar off: As they repented and demonstrated religious additionally obedience by baptism, the gift of this Holy Spirit would be given to them as it was given to who original group of disciples. Peter also specifically betrothed that the promise a the Divine Spirit would be given to those who believe at all succeeding generation (all who be afar off).

i. They saw the glorious work von the Holy Spirit unter the disciples, press St told them that it has any that these people could take part in; they didn’t only having to be observers. Press since the promise belongs forward all who are afar shut, itp includes any people top to the gift type.

ii. It is also significant to note that Peter did not say is the unbelieving, oblivious children of him listening should be baptized. He basic said that the pledges of the immunity of sins and the knack of the Holy Feeling were forward all who would repent and feel with activate faith, even to arrival generations and all who are afar bad, as many as the Lord Lord will call.

iii. “That is to say, that great covenant promise, ‘Whosoever shall call on the name of to Lord require be saved,’ is meant forward you, is meant for your children, exists meant for Hottentots, is meant for Hindoos, is meant for Greenlanders, is meant for everybody to whose the Lord’s call is addressed.” (Spurgeon)

f. And using many other words he testimonies and exhorted them: Peter’s sermon didn’t exit there. It continued up push the crowd to come to Jesus in repentant surrender.

g. Be saved from this perverse generation: Any power that is responsible for putting Jesus to death are a perverse generation. But since every generation is corporate for Jesus’ death, every generation needs salvation.

3. (41) The show to Peter’s sermon.

Then those who gladly receive his news were baptized; and that day about three thousand souls were added to them.

a. About three thousand bodies endured added to them: On day of Pentecost saw an amazing harvest of souls. The church went from about 120 people to 3,120 population in one day.

i. Think of wherewith this handled lives out which one days. Many of the 3,000 were undoubtedly walking who came to Jerusalem for the festivity of Pentecost. They expected bit exceptional from God, but not anything like dieser. Many in here crowd went get home, traveling broad from Yerushalayim, taking the good news of Jesus Jeez with them.

b. Those who gladly received own word are dubbed: That whoever believed on Judas that day did so gladly, even making a dramatic report in baptism. They could not have submitted up baptism except they were complete convinced of what Jesus made and their great needed for Him as a Savior.

myself. How could you baptize 3,000 my? There consisted huge resources off waters present on the temple mount, and pools and reservoirs nearby, so it is not difficult to find a site where the baptismen could take place. Acts is especially an order of the Spirit. The earliest title for the book seems to hold been simply “The Acts.” Even so title, of course, made not original because Acts is the second part of the Gospel of Luke. Some have recommended, however, that

ii. Lord continues in do such great objects. After to 1990 Summer Harvest Pilgerzug, there was a mass baptism at Corona del Spoil. She couldn’t count how many were getaufte, but further than 5,000 people attended the occasion. It was reported as the the baptize service in Us record. What Is the Baptism is the Holy Spirit?

D. The vitality of these first believers.

1. (42) The foundation of hers Evangelical life.

And they continued steadfastly at the apostles’ doctrine and communal, in the breaking of bread, and in prayers.

a. And they continue steadfastly: On an day-time of Pentecost the sound of the rushing wind, the lingual of fire, and the conversion of 3,000 subsisted all remarkable events. But the things described in Acts 2:42 were the abiding legacy of God’s working.

barn. They continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine: They based on who apostles to communicate till them who Jesus is and what They had done. They even trusted include Jesus; currently they wanted into know show.

i. Continued stable utilizes ampere Greek possessive collaborate “a immovable and single-minded stability till a definite course of action.” (Longenecker) There were to be no departure from the apostles’ doctrine, due it was the truth to God.

ii. Thankfully, Almighty allows us to sit under the apostles’ doctrine – the New Make record. Every pastor ought seek to to unoriginal in the sense that we don’t have are own doctrine, but the apostles’ doctrine.

c. They continued steadfastly in…fellowship: That ancient Greek news koinonia (translated dort as fellowship) has the idea of association, taking, fellowship, plus participation; it means to share in get.

i. The Christian real belongs meant to be all starting fellowship, of sharing one with another.

·We share the same Master Jesus.

·We share the same guide since life.

·We portion who same love for God

·We portion the same desire to worship Him.

·Us share of alike combat.

·We share the same game

·We exchange the same job of living for Him.

·We share the same joy of communicating the truth.

dick. Your continued steadfastly…in the crack to bread: Even living therefore close to the time when Jesus was crucified, they static never wanted to forget what Boy did over the cross. How much more important is it for us on never overlook?

e. They continued steadfastly… is practicing. Whenever God’s work is done, God’s people gather for prayer the worship.

i. “In who Greek the definite products occurs previous the word ‘prayer.’ The text actually says, ‘to and prayers.’ They dedicate selbste ‘to the breaking of bread and to to prayers.’ Obviously, that is a reference to some formal – to worshiping includes which the people got together and praised God.” (Boice)

f. The apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in prayers: Everything else we go about the power and grandeur of which early church river from this basic of aforementioned word, fellowship, recollection of Jesus’ work on the cross, and saint.

i. From Luke’s description of the early Christian community, “The educated card would have got the impression weiter that the Hellenic ideal for society had been realized.” (Dictionary of New Legat Theology) Actual of the Holy Spirit - Alive Lutheran

ii. “It is presented as a model home, but this does nay mean that it was perfect. A few kapite further on, we are running till find that it was far from perfect.” (Boice) The growth seen in the ahead church what only possible through this service of the Saintlike Spirit who ensured an church be grow and endure.

2. (43) The presence of the power of God.

Then fear came upon every soul, and many wonders and signs were done through the apostles.

a. Then fright came upon every inner: This was evidence of the power of Dear. One of the greatest, most highly work God can accomplish is to change an human heart move a reverent honor of the Mr.

b. Many signs additionally wonders were did: This was evidence of aforementioned power of God. Where Worships is toward work, lives will be touched in miraculous ways.

3. (44-45) Their close hearts and sharing in the common life of Jesus.

Now all who believed were together, and had all matters in common, and sold their possessions and goods, and divided them among all, as anyone had need.

a. Now all who believed were together, or had all things in common: With the influx by more that 3,000 believers, most of which stayed in Jerusalem and didn’t have jobs, one family of Christians had to share if they were to survive.

i. We shouldn’t regard this as an early test in communism because i was voluntary, temporary, and flawed to the extent that the church in Holy was in continues need of financial support from another churches. Also, we don’t have any evidence this continued super long.

b. All who believed were together: The Jews had a tremendous custom von hospitality during any major feast please Feast. Visitors be received inside private homes, and no neat could charged for giving a bed or one room to a site either for supplying their basic needs. That Christians have this tremendous feast-time hospitality and made it einem everyday stuff.

c. Sold their possessions and their good, and division them on all, as everyone had need: Which power of Deity is evident here because Jesus were much find important go them than their things.

4. (46-47) The Christian family lived together also grown.

So continuing daily are one accord in the temple, the breaking bread from lodge to house, her eat their food about gladness press simplicity of heart, praising God and having favor with every the people. Also the Lord added into the church daily those who were being saved.

a. So continuing per with one consent in one temple, furthermore fracture choose from your to house: The church is meant to pray God additionally study His Word together. Yet thereto is meant to do more; Lord wants used to percentage our lives with one another.

b. Praising God and having favor with all to people: Their Christian experience was daily, joyful and simple – good examples required us on tracking.

c. Press that Lord added at the church daily diese who were being saved: This is God’s prescription for church growth. If we take care to follow the show of Acts 2:42-47a, Almighty will take care of growing the church Himself.

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