“Britain’s Most Tattooed Woman” Shows What She Looked Like Before Spending $42k On Tattoos (2024)


Tattoos can be a powerful form of expression, as well as an art that can make certain individuals feel more beautiful.

With some people covering themselves with permanent ink, it can sometimes be amusing to look at what a person used to look like, with a body completely free of body art that has become an everlasting part of themself.

Such was the case with Becky Holt, a woman who has described herself on social media as “Britain’s most tattooed woman” after she recently unveiled pictures of herself devoid of tattoos.

The 36-year-old from Poynton, Cheshire, stunned her fans last week, as well as earlier this week when she shared a picture as well as a couple of photos on her stories on her Instagram page, where her trademark ink was barely visible.

Becky Holt is “Britain’s most tattooed” woman, having covered 95% of her body in ink

Image credits: becky_holt_bolt

Becky rose to fame in the UK after reportedly spending an extortionate sum of £35,000 ($42,985 USD) on tattoos, which currently covers about 95 percent of her body, including parts of her face, armpits, and genitals.

The mother-of-one revealed to her 150,000 Instagram followers old photographs of herself where she appeared with a fresh face, completely tattoo-less with the caption: “Can you believe that’s little ol’ me’”.

In the picture, Becky posed in a tiny crop top and booty-cut shorts, exposing her body, where only three small tattoos were visible; above her crotch area, on her hip, and on her inner arm.


Even her hairstyle was completely different, as in her “before” picture, Becky sported a bright red hair color with a pixie cut.

The 36-year-old from Poynton, Cheshire has reportedly spent around $42,985 on tattoos

Image credits: becky_holt_bolt

In the Onlyfans creator’s stories, Becky also shared a few shots that showed a progressive evolution of her tattoo journey, as she went from just a couple of body ink pieces to having two full-arm sleeves.

Becky’s new posts displayed just how different she now looks, as she currently bears long bleach blonde locks and full coverage of permanent body art, some with colors, some in black and white.

Despite proudly exhibiting her impressive inked skin, the social media influencer has in the past opened up about falling victim to internet trolls due to her unusual looks.

Becky shared with her 150,000 followers on Instagram a few shots that showed the progressive evolution of her tattoo journey

Image credits: becky_holt_bolt

As reported by the Daily Mail, Becky, who is a mother to daughter Aurora, confessed that people would call her a “terrible role model” and said that her child would “be scared of her”.

She wrote during a Q&A series on Instagram: “Someone told me my tattoos look like a train wreck.


“(They said) that my daughter will be scared of me.

“That I’ve ruined my body. That I used to be pretty but now I look like s*** because I’ve tattooed my face.”

Becky once wrote during a Q&A series on Instagram: “Someone told me my tattoos look like a train wreck.”

Image credits: becky_holt_bolt

Walking around with that many visible tattoos can be challenging, as Becky has also said in the past that she had been mistaken for a gang member.

She told Fabulous: “I have found that I’m rejected [from] places as well. Usually places abroad.

“I was in Turkey recently and my friend and I walked into a bar.

“We both have face tattoos and the place was empty but he said it was full and we couldn’t come in.

Becky’s new posts displayed just how different she looked without her body covered in tattoos

Image credits: becky_holt_bolt

“I’ve been to Texas and New York and rejected in places too.

“They think it’s gang-related but it’s not very often that happens.”

Last year, the Cheshire influencer took to transforming herself on a whole new level and partook in a social experiment shared on the popular YouTube channel, Real Stories.


In the experiment entitled Your Face: Confronting Tattoo Prejudice, Becky underwent a beauty treatment to cover up all of her tattoos.

After inking her entire body, Becky said that she “has found she was rejected [from] places”

Image credits: becky_holt_bolt

The impressive transformation made the model “feel like a lady”, as she also admitted: “It’s going to be like, a real test to show me like, what people think of just me on my own.”

As Becky was filmed being handled by two expert makeup artists who use products that still stay on even after a shower or swimming, Britain’s most tattooed woman confessed that her tattoos made her feel “empowered” and she was worried she would no longer stand out from the crowd.

When asked about her before photos, Becky told Bored Panda that she thought it was interesting for people to see what she used to look like, especially for new people on her page.

The mom-of-one confessed that some people had thought before that her tattoos were “gang-related”

Image credits: becky_holt_bolt

The model went on to admit that it was probable “someone out there” had more tattoos than herself, but that in the public eye, she didn’t know anybody who was more tattooed than her.


Despite the hardships of internet trolls, the influencer also admitted that her tattoed body had given her more opportunities in life.

“It’s given me the opportunity to travel, it’s given me the opportunity to do my photoshoots, I’ve done front covers, and obviously being given the title “Britain’s most tattoed woman” is a big achievement, so I’m really proud of myself,” she said.

“Can you believe that’s little ol’ me,” Becky said of her own tattoo-less-self


Image credits: becky_holt_bolt

Nevertheless, Becky still has some shoes to fill if she would like to hold the ultimate record of being the most tattooed person in the world.

New Zealand-British performance artist Gregory McLaren, AKA Lucky Diamond Rich, has been holding the Guinness World Record as “the world’s most tattooed person”.

Lucky has permanently inked his entire body, including the insides of his eyelids, mouth, ears, and foreskin.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Lucky has held the certified record since 2006, being 100 percent tattooed.

Despite some backlash, Becky did receive a lot of praise for her commitment


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“Britain’s Most Tattooed Woman” Shows What She Looked Like Before Spending $42k On Tattoos (2024)
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