B-Fab discusses her release from WWE, if she would return, non-compete (2024)

Briana Brandy a.k.a. B-Fab of Hit Row discusses her exit from WWE, her thoughts on WWE's contracts and clarifies her non-compete status

December 30, 2021Andrew ThompsonNEWS

B-Fab discusses her release from WWE, if she would return, non-compete (1)

Briana Brandy a.k.a. B-Fab opens up about her exit from WWE.

On November 4th, B-Fab of Hit Row was released from WWE along with 17 other talents. Several weeks later, Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott, AJ Francis and Tehuti Miles were let go from the company as well which brought the total to 26 wrestlers released from WWE during the month of November.

B-Fab signed her developmental deal with WWE in 2019 and her first TV match was this past September. B-Fab was the focus of a K & S WrestleFest virtual signing and shared her thoughts about WWE’s contracts. She feels that those are more along the lines of an agreement because they can be terminated at any time. She spoke about how scary of a situation it is not having that job security.

It’s a sad situation because I don’t even know if you can even call it a contract [WWE deals] because most contracts have to be like, worked through to the entire — ‘till they are finished, you know? So with them being able to terminate whenever, it’s kind of more so along the lines of an agreement more than a contract these days and if you wanna live your life, you can’t put your [life on hold] to this agreement because they can change it whenever they want so it’s kind of hard to make decisions for your life and plan for you when you don’t really know what’s gonna happen day-to-day so, I just feel like it’s not as secure. It’s a very scary situation to put yourself in if, you know, you’re putting your all into that and you really want that just like all of us, me included. It’s very difficult to say if it’s even worth it, you know?

Yeah, you have to take a chance, but it’s definitely a scary situation. I mean because now, a lot of people are moving, you know, from across the country, from different countries to do this job and I mean you can get cut in six months and you’ve moved your entire life and family included all the way over here so it’s a very weird situation honestly. It’s very weird.

She was told that her release was due to budget cuts. She is of the belief that she was cut from the group weeks before the remainder of the group was cut because WWE felt that since Francis, Scott and Miles could talk on the microphone, there was no need for her.

I have no clue at all [why WWE released me solo]. They released me along with 18 other people too so, I mean the thing that they said was budget cuts. I mean that’s the most detail that I even know or wanna go into with that but, yeah, it was just budget cuts. There was really no reason. They were saying that, you know, it was the boys [AJ Francis, Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott & Tehuti Miles] were deemed to be okay without me because they could all talk and normally whenever people have managers and I really wasn’t a manager because I was going to be wrestling. You know, so just hadn’t been doing it yet but, yeah. They all could talk so I guess they felt like, okay, why do they need me? Because they can talk. So — and you know they’ve had The Shield, they’ve had New Day. Most, you know — most guys groups do really well with them so they probably felt like, ‘Okay, well maybe the guys will be fine without her too because other guys groups have survived’ but, I don’t know.

When asked would she go back to WWE, B-Fab stated that she would if the company wanted her back. She feels that there is a lot that Hit Row could have accomplished there.

I would because there’s so many things obviously that us as a group [Hit Row] still has to accomplish and wanted to accomplish together so, definitely. I would go back for the fans of course because you guys are amazing. The support is just insane so…

She later clarified that she had a 30-day non-compete clause and Francis, Miles and Scott have 90-day non-competes. They were moved to SmackDown as a unit. Hit Row debuted on SmackDown on October 22nd and B-Fab was released two weeks later.

They [Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott, AJ Francis & Tehuti Miles] still have some time on their contracts left so… [I had] 30 days [and they have] 90 [day non-competes]. All three of them for sure.

B-Fab has wrestled a total of ten matches in her two-year career. Her last sanctioned match was on the 9/28 NXT 2.0 when she defeated Elektra Lopez in No-DQ match.

If the quotes in this article are used, please credit K & S WrestleFest with an H/T to POST Wrestling for the transcriptions.

B-Fab discusses her release from WWE, if she would return, non-compete (2024)
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